Monday, May 31, 2010

Fanime 2010 kimono madness

I had a blast! Fanime 2010 was so much fun. I hope kimono mono didn't mind me helping her a little bit with her panel. I just couldn't help it I really wanted to help the girls in the audience because it was the fake it make it panel. Also, I couldn't help but mention ebay (i'm sorry kimono mono). I fell in love with one of her kimono but it was way out of my price range! but I did buy a new pair of zori that match my red furisode to perfection! They where decently priced at $40 and the only thing I was willing to spend that kind of money on. i couldn't stay in kimono for too long I started to over heat and my feet where killing me. I also had trouble dressing nataly and Tanya their kimono would not stay the length I tied it at. Maybe i was too worried about hurting them to tie it too tight and they are very small wasted.
I also got really inspired to do my own kimono panel next year if kimono mono does not show up. I also enjoyed bento 101 and want to learn how to make my own. Maybe an excuse to wear kimono and have a picnic....

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