Saturday, August 10, 2013

OMG This Haori

As you all know I've been pretty damn good lately and have bought anything in a long time. But once in a while a kimono item pops up that makes you drool and makes you lust after it. That my dears is what occurred today for me. The funny thing is it's yellow!!! Normally I shy away from yellow because it's just not my color but this haori made me not give a damn about that.

 I can't wait for it to come to my house. This vintage little treasure cost me a little over $50 but so wroth it! I have no clue what I'll wear it with.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I finally bought a Yukata outfit!!! I really haven't had the funds to buy kimono lately but on my trip to LA I made an exception. Me and Adam visited Little Tokyo and it was our first time down here. At first I could not find any shops with real kimono and I was loosing hope but then we passed this shop that had film all over the windows. It was hard to see in the shop but I could make out a table filled with Geta. It peeked my interest enough to go in and I must say I'm thrilled I did! From the outside the shop appeared to be tiny but once with in it was huge. One of the biggest kimono shops I have ever been in. They had a good selection of yukata and I was thankful! I've been on a mission for one since The San Jose Festival incident with the massive nose bleed. I had bought a pair of geta for $11.99 at another small shop. They where a steal cute and a size 10 not to mention comfy.

At the shop they had a ton of cute yukata but I didn't want the ultra cute young looking ones since my 25th birthday is coming up I wanted a yukata that is cute but mature. I think I hit that mark. They also have prettied obi and since I've never had one I decided to give it a shot. I bought tis cute flower patterned obi it's actually a darker red in person.  ^ ^ Adam approved which made me very happy and commented on my good purchase. I have yet to wear it and I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can break this cutie in. <3 p="">

Friday, July 20, 2012

So this was what I wore to the San Jose Bon festival S

so yeah... I do realize that my foundation is off kinda annoyed by that Matchmaster my ass MAC. This is after the massive nose bleed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maybe I'm just too passionate

I've just finished reading Clamps kimono book I love it but I still have that nagging feeling that I always get when it comes to kimono rules. Yes I agree knowing the rules are important because then you can know when to break them. I know that my kistuke is not perfect but it really bothers me that people think that it's okay to just criticize right off the bat. Like I have no clue or I'm not good enough because my kitsuke isn't 100% perfect. okay rant over lol A post from a friend: Just going say, it doesn't seem logical to me to spend money on clothes on which you are judged constantly and not even wearing on a daily basis. Maybe as an outsider, I don't get it like I should, but even when I was more into the japanese culture, I never understood really what the deal was with it. My response: I may not wear them on a daily bases & people may look at me odd (a lot do) but I love kimono sooo much. It's my passion an art within it's self. No other clothing has the feeling & history behind it like kimono (that's just my opinion). It's a tradition that is not my own but I feel is worthy of continued existence even if it is not my own culture. When I put on kimono it's like I'm wearing art & my body is my canvas. My medium is silk, cotton, ro, wool, polly-blend/synthetic fabric. Pattern & texture are abundant, the smell of silk, the way to drapes the body is truly an experience. I feel that I can express myself thro kimono that I just can't in non-kimono clothing. It's sexy & famine without having to show any skin. Modestly at it's best. maybe it's a girl thing but I know no matter what I wear that i'm being judged. So yes, I get judged more for wearing kimono on some level it does bother me. But what I get upset about is when people assume that I'm Japanese & that's why I wear kimono. Or that because I'm not Japanese I have no freakin clue what I'm doing. That's what pisses me off. Your daily dose of rant has been filled lol

Sunday, July 15, 2012

OBON Matsuri San Jose

So today was a lot of fun besides having a massive nose bleed that made me look like a zombie attacked my face. Lucky none got on my kimono thank god! I admit there was a Japanese lady at the kimono store she started nit picking my kitsuke. I was showing way to much of my collar, I wasn't supposed to wear my hair down but hey at least I had the collar on the right side. My response oh okay, second um yeah I know, third well of course i'm not dead. :D she shut up after that lol. Maybe I was a bit of a smartass but I've seen other women in kimono with their hair down & well I have a large chest of course my collar is going to show more. >.< Pictures to come soonish whenever Tanya posts the pictures on line. There is only kimono picture it was hot..... We watched the Takio which was awesome & visited Nichi Bei Bussan they had some nice items that weren't to bad in price range as long as it isn't a kimono. This is wear the lady was picking out the flaws.... I realized that I need a yukata BADLY!!! I was over heated & everyone else was in yukata. I had to change & we ended up going to Kinokuniya Book Store which was amazing I ended up with two kimono books the ones that IG was giving away lol. Also that complex or shopping center was amazing Japanese food market & restaurants.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vintage Match made in Heaven

So a while back I bought a vintage fukuro obi that I wasn't 100% sure what I would pair it with but it was just too beautiful to pass up. Well, I thought that it might pair nicely with my vintage light blue furisode kimono. I tried out the coordination with my dark purple obiage and I'm quite happy with the out come. Tho I must admit the obi is really short and I could only do a small bow. >.<

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cosplay Shiemi Moriyama

So, I couldn't wait to see what my shiemi cosplay would look like all put togther. I'm rather happy tho I need to loose weight. ><