Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cherry Blossom festival San Fransico last day

Had lots of fun on Sunday the last day of the festival but it was way too crowded for my liking. I wore my forest green furisode & orange fukuro obi that day. Though I was having a bad kistuke day, my collars wanted to misbehave & gave everyone a show with my juban on top. Though Adam was very much happy with that something about being disheveled & sexy looking, lol. I love how he just thinks I look so damn good in kimono to him.
Anyways I could only take two pictures that day cause I forgot my camera & hijacked my best friend Tanya's camera. lol

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want this!

Adam's Juban

So, I love to spoil Adam just a bit <3. ^ ^ I've also wanted to dress up with a male for quite a while & now I have a boy friend who can fit into kimono. <3 He's never worn kimono before so I bought him a juban with a motif I know he will just love! He collects swords as a hobby and I found a very awesome juban with swords as the motif. If all goes well and he likes it I'll invest in more kimono items for him.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

=D It was last minute but me & my new boyfriend Adam found out that we could go yesterday to the festival. It was an epic one month benchmark in our relationship! I'm so happy to have a man that loves me in kimono, takes pictures as a hobby, loves Japanese culture as much as I do, is into art & is a psychology major, not to mention smart, funny, sexy, caring, & HOT! :lovelove
For the most part we had a really good time but when we went to the tea ceremony & we where going in I saw a flock of young women come out in kimono & they saw me. As soon as they pass us they started speaking Japanese & & Adam got the impression they where making fun of me. >< When I sat down I looked down and my obiage had fallen :angerburst . >< To say I was embaressed would just be the beginning..... I felt that my skill level was not up to their super proper standards. Then again I did break a lot of formality rules in my outfit not to mention I did not dress for tea ceremony at all. But I did get a lot of positive comments & one of the older ladies in kimono smiled at me so I felt better.
That & I was the only tan person in kimono who was not Japanese. It was kinda sad that I only saw maybe 10 people in kimono. :gah:
Sorry, ladies it was very windy that day & I don't have that much pictures of me in kimono but I do have next sunday to go too. :wink:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage heaven

So recently I've been eyeing the heck out of Meisen kimono and the bright funky outfits that are made with them. I've very happy to report that I finally have a vintage bright kimono & obi. All I need is vintage inspired geta and maybe some cute kanzashi & a bag or purse.