Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Japanese inspired house

These mons I plan to use to put on pillows in accent colors that pick the colors on the white furisode with fans & a stream motif.

The carved mini cabinet will be used in the bed room


<-- bed room lamp My red furisode will be going in the master bed room.

<--- living room couch

<--- living room acent end tables

<-- living room lamp

<--- living room couch

<--- bed room accessory table

We could not choose which bed we liked best. I do think that the bed with storeage would be best (I could put my kimono & kimono items in the draws).

This would be the dinning room light fixture. I found it at home depo

<--- I own this lovely bento box which I plan to use as an accessory in the bed room.

<---- the living room furisode that I own.

<----Dinning room set.

<----- living room coffe table found at target.com

<---- living room fan light fixture also found at home depo

<--- wall accessory found at chuu.com

<---- I own these two accent picture frames that I plan to use in the living room. Found on ebay.

<>Well, me and Eric really love Japanese culture (Anime, manga, cosplay, anime cons, martial arts, kimono, the language). So I figured why not show our love in our house? (that is when we get one and are married). I being the planner and the one who can't wait started looking on the internet for ideas but I ended up designing a house (not quite finished). I went around looking at http://www.homedecorators.com/newThumbPage.php?classification=4&typeDefId=4559 , http://www.overstock.com/ , http://www.target.com/ . I will be adding on more once I come accross them. Though I still need to design the bathroom and Kitchen. I hope that we can buy all of these items but right now I don't think so.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fanime 08 Kimono Fashion show

I was one of the very lucky to be asked to be in last years kimono fashion show hosted by http://www.immortalgeisha.com/ I was origanly not planed to be a model but to girls had droped and I had posted that I would be attending and the owner of the web site pmed me and asked me if I could fill in and of course I said yes. at the time I had never really wore a kimono at all and this was my first experance doing so. And because it was so fun I got hooked with the kimono bug! I do not have a lot of pictures due to the fact that I was in it and well I haven't been emailed any because every one is so busy but I do have some.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay, this is my rant! I used ebay to sell a kimono set that I own to get cash to put towards my wedding account and lets just say the changes to ebay are NOT SELLER FRIENDLY!!!! I sold my very very unique possiably rare kimono set for $60 with out shipping & $17 shipping for international cause my kick ass bud MoonBlossom from IG wanted in on the auction she lives out of the country and well combined Paypal and Ebay charged me $14 which you can see is more then half of my shipping fee!!!!! Ebay told me I can list 5 things for free but what they don't say is that they are going to take a % out of whatever you sell which is not free!!!! I am currently thinking of closeing both accounts and never using them again!

I am also not a regular seller I only sell items that I have that I no longer want or need but still!!!!

I only wore it once because I bought it for halloween of 08 I got it for a great price from a seller on ebay before they sucked! It is very unique because it has 5 cross or graves on the kimono very gothic in my opinion because it's so different, it also reminds some people of old London.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fanime 09 kimono movie

I went to this years Fanime 09 with all my friends and of course I brought my kimono. I was going to wear all kimono for every day of the con but after the send day my back was killing me and I had to change. I also had issues with my obi's because I tried a new way of tieing them. I also added pictures of other people in their kimono and cosplayers that I thought who where awsome!

Aki's first kimono

This lovely green komon kimono that my lovely boy friend got for me for our first year Anniversary . It is very nice choice because it has many differnt seasonal motifs (green grass, white leaves, Chrysanthemum). It's too short for me though because I am 5' 7" and this is 55" long to short to wear it correctly. This picture was taken at Fanime 09.