Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet lolitia kimono outfit

For my birthday I want to do a traditional kimono outfit inspired by sweet lolita but not over the top. I'm going to take pictures with my friend Tanya and she is going to be wearing my yellow/gold komon kimono, peach sukura fukuro obi, mint/pink shibori obiage, mint sukura hair pins, pink obi-jime, and gold zori. I want my outfit to be cute and youthful but not over the top. I found a website that gave me some ideas:

My komon kimono

obiage options

Fukuro obi ideas
the rainbow obi, not in the best condition so maybe for a con not for the professional pictures

second idea that is okay, not overly crazy about it

third idea I like, very cute!

fourth idea cute too!

5th idea

6th idea



zori, I have another pair but I don't know if it would work
[IMG][/IMG] Should I invest in greta?

1st pair



tabi i'm a little lost I only have one white pair and Tanya's going to use it. So, lace, print, embordered tabi?
pink lace

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