Monday, April 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

=D It was last minute but me & my new boyfriend Adam found out that we could go yesterday to the festival. It was an epic one month benchmark in our relationship! I'm so happy to have a man that loves me in kimono, takes pictures as a hobby, loves Japanese culture as much as I do, is into art & is a psychology major, not to mention smart, funny, sexy, caring, & HOT! :lovelove
For the most part we had a really good time but when we went to the tea ceremony & we where going in I saw a flock of young women come out in kimono & they saw me. As soon as they pass us they started speaking Japanese & & Adam got the impression they where making fun of me. >< When I sat down I looked down and my obiage had fallen :angerburst . >< To say I was embaressed would just be the beginning..... I felt that my skill level was not up to their super proper standards. Then again I did break a lot of formality rules in my outfit not to mention I did not dress for tea ceremony at all. But I did get a lot of positive comments & one of the older ladies in kimono smiled at me so I felt better.
That & I was the only tan person in kimono who was not Japanese. It was kinda sad that I only saw maybe 10 people in kimono. :gah:
Sorry, ladies it was very windy that day & I don't have that much pictures of me in kimono but I do have next sunday to go too. :wink:

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