Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kintoki con

So just got back from kintoki con it was great! Very well put togther had a wounderful location great staff & well organized for such a small anime con starting out. Over all I say I had a wounderful time. I did two panels and both turn outs where very small I think I had a total of 8 for both panels combined. I kinda got worried cause they made me sound like an expert which I didn't feel comfterable being called so. I love kimono and I've been into it for years, I've read books and yes I can wear them but I don't know everything! Other then that I was cool with it. I hope people had a good time. ^ ^ I was my dorky sarcastic self & I generaly don't like public speaking & I know I don't have the best social skills in the world. >< Direct eye contact with strangers freaks me out & gives me anxiety but I did the panels to over come my issues. I thinked it helped a bit. I met some really nice people, one a man named Eric a cheif who wants to start making the jointed dolls with paper kimono. Offered me Sushi for my knowldge & help but I'm not quite sure if he was hitting on me (I turned red cause he was very attractive Japanese man). That and a guy suggested that I do twister in kimno because it would be indecent O_0 I totaly got embarrased but went with it cause I knew he was joking but it felt like A comeon. I don't do well with men making the 1st move all I can do is repeatedly stammer I have a boyfriend and turn red in the face. But I was flattered though!
I only remmbered to take pictures of my day one kistuke but forgot to take a picture for today's panel. ^ ^ I dressed my friend Tanya up in my baby blue furisode today & I wore my navy blue houmongi kimono today.

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