Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kimono Hime

Recently I recieved volume 9 of kimono Hime and I must say wow every single outfit was truly drool worthy! I loved all the cute ideas that it offered even though I can't read Japenese the pictures are well worth the price. I couldnt help but be inspired and I wanted to incorperate the style in my kistuke. So today I bought a lovely new hat and lace gloves both have poke odots. I must say i'm not 100% happy with the coordination and it reminds me of Lyuba-chan. I think that I may need to buy a kimono and obi that fits the accessories much better. I love mary janes they are so cute! My brother took my picture so thats why i'm in the middle of the street. And if it looks like he's took it at an odd height it was because he took it in his lifted truck.


  1. So.... are you not happy because it reminds you of me? :( :( :( :(

    Also, do you think you could post some scans? Unless you've already done it and I just missed it :)Pretty please?

  2. AH It's not what I meant. I'm not happy with the coordination because it's too much contrast for me.I don't like the muted color with the loudness of the kimono it looks odd to me even though I know gray, black, and white are natural and can be paired with any colors. It does remind me of you and that's not a bad thing at all you have a cute style. ^ ^ Sure, I can do that but it might take some time due to school.