Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maybe I'm just too passionate

I've just finished reading Clamps kimono book I love it but I still have that nagging feeling that I always get when it comes to kimono rules. Yes I agree knowing the rules are important because then you can know when to break them. I know that my kistuke is not perfect but it really bothers me that people think that it's okay to just criticize right off the bat. Like I have no clue or I'm not good enough because my kitsuke isn't 100% perfect. okay rant over lol A post from a friend: Just going say, it doesn't seem logical to me to spend money on clothes on which you are judged constantly and not even wearing on a daily basis. Maybe as an outsider, I don't get it like I should, but even when I was more into the japanese culture, I never understood really what the deal was with it. My response: I may not wear them on a daily bases & people may look at me odd (a lot do) but I love kimono sooo much. It's my passion an art within it's self. No other clothing has the feeling & history behind it like kimono (that's just my opinion). It's a tradition that is not my own but I feel is worthy of continued existence even if it is not my own culture. When I put on kimono it's like I'm wearing art & my body is my canvas. My medium is silk, cotton, ro, wool, polly-blend/synthetic fabric. Pattern & texture are abundant, the smell of silk, the way to drapes the body is truly an experience. I feel that I can express myself thro kimono that I just can't in non-kimono clothing. It's sexy & famine without having to show any skin. Modestly at it's best. maybe it's a girl thing but I know no matter what I wear that i'm being judged. So yes, I get judged more for wearing kimono on some level it does bother me. But what I get upset about is when people assume that I'm Japanese & that's why I wear kimono. Or that because I'm not Japanese I have no freakin clue what I'm doing. That's what pisses me off. Your daily dose of rant has been filled lol

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