Sunday, July 15, 2012

OBON Matsuri San Jose

So today was a lot of fun besides having a massive nose bleed that made me look like a zombie attacked my face. Lucky none got on my kimono thank god! I admit there was a Japanese lady at the kimono store she started nit picking my kitsuke. I was showing way to much of my collar, I wasn't supposed to wear my hair down but hey at least I had the collar on the right side. My response oh okay, second um yeah I know, third well of course i'm not dead. :D she shut up after that lol. Maybe I was a bit of a smartass but I've seen other women in kimono with their hair down & well I have a large chest of course my collar is going to show more. >.< Pictures to come soonish whenever Tanya posts the pictures on line. There is only kimono picture it was hot..... We watched the Takio which was awesome & visited Nichi Bei Bussan they had some nice items that weren't to bad in price range as long as it isn't a kimono. This is wear the lady was picking out the flaws.... I realized that I need a yukata BADLY!!! I was over heated & everyone else was in yukata. I had to change & we ended up going to Kinokuniya Book Store which was amazing I ended up with two kimono books the ones that IG was giving away lol. Also that complex or shopping center was amazing Japanese food market & restaurants.

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