Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Japanese inspired house

These mons I plan to use to put on pillows in accent colors that pick the colors on the white furisode with fans & a stream motif.

The carved mini cabinet will be used in the bed room


<-- bed room lamp My red furisode will be going in the master bed room.

<--- living room couch

<--- living room acent end tables

<-- living room lamp

<--- living room couch

<--- bed room accessory table

We could not choose which bed we liked best. I do think that the bed with storeage would be best (I could put my kimono & kimono items in the draws).

This would be the dinning room light fixture. I found it at home depo

<--- I own this lovely bento box which I plan to use as an accessory in the bed room.

<---- the living room furisode that I own.

<----Dinning room set.

<----- living room coffe table found at target.com

<---- living room fan light fixture also found at home depo

<--- wall accessory found at chuu.com

<---- I own these two accent picture frames that I plan to use in the living room. Found on ebay.

<>Well, me and Eric really love Japanese culture (Anime, manga, cosplay, anime cons, martial arts, kimono, the language). So I figured why not show our love in our house? (that is when we get one and are married). I being the planner and the one who can't wait started looking on the internet for ideas but I ended up designing a house (not quite finished). I went around looking at http://www.homedecorators.com/newThumbPage.php?classification=4&typeDefId=4559 , http://www.overstock.com/ , http://www.target.com/ . I will be adding on more once I come accross them. Though I still need to design the bathroom and Kitchen. I hope that we can buy all of these items but right now I don't think so.

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