Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay, this is my rant! I used ebay to sell a kimono set that I own to get cash to put towards my wedding account and lets just say the changes to ebay are NOT SELLER FRIENDLY!!!! I sold my very very unique possiably rare kimono set for $60 with out shipping & $17 shipping for international cause my kick ass bud MoonBlossom from IG wanted in on the auction she lives out of the country and well combined Paypal and Ebay charged me $14 which you can see is more then half of my shipping fee!!!!! Ebay told me I can list 5 things for free but what they don't say is that they are going to take a % out of whatever you sell which is not free!!!! I am currently thinking of closeing both accounts and never using them again!

I am also not a regular seller I only sell items that I have that I no longer want or need but still!!!!

I only wore it once because I bought it for halloween of 08 I got it for a great price from a seller on ebay before they sucked! It is very unique because it has 5 cross or graves on the kimono very gothic in my opinion because it's so different, it also reminds some people of old London.

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